Player Career Statistics during season 2019-20

Below is a table showing the total number of games players have either started or come on as a substitute.  Also included is the number of goals each player has scored for Queen’s Park

Updated – 11 August 2019

StartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsTotal Appearance
Wullie Muir12200240014600146
David Galt97221316941133117144
Scott Gibson1101032111131114142
Ciarán Summers47741301607567
Billy Mortimer3117181003927166
Kieran Moore151335402017337
James Grant18301020285033
Lewis Magee1961420238131
Calvin McGrory1630530216027
Salim Kouider-Aïssa2111342515320
Adam Martin640541118119
Creag Little32054086014
Cammy Foy82010092011
Jack Purdue2104216319
Cameron Clark0105005106
Nicky Jamieson2003005005
Tommy Block2003005005
Alfredo Agyeman0102202305
Luke Main1001202204
Joffrey Lidouren2001003003
Robert Griffiths1001002002
Reagan Thomson0101001102
Jacques Heraghty0001001001