There are plenty of topics going on around the club at the moment to comment on. It would be safe to say that September has been an interesting and busy month. If I thought the first few months of the season were hectic, it has just been re-defined this month.

Where do I start?

Firstly, I’d like to publicly thank Gus McPherson on his tenure at Queen’s Park. When I ‘returned’ to the club I was assisting in the recruitment side of the club, alongside Bobby Dickson, Eddie Hunter and others, and therefore had a lot of direct dealings with Gus in this vital area of activity of the football club.

Gus has many great traits as a football manager, he is demanding of his players, in areas of fitness, organisation, tenacity and sticking to a plan. He also, vitally, has an ‘eye for a player’. We have over his tenure, recruited well from the junior grades and got players from our youth system into the first eleven and been competitive across the years, even when losing in a play-off to be relegated from the third level.

The promotion we gained in 2016 will live long in the memory. The game away to Clyde in the play offs will be remembered forever by supporters, players, and all who were present that evening.

I wish Gus the best of luck in his new role at St. Mirren, I firmly believe Gus has been very good for the club, and indeed, the club has been good for Gus and he’ll take a lot of happy memories with him from his time at the club.

Secondly, recalling incredible games over the years where Queen’s Park have overcame the odds to win unlikely triumphs. Well, I think that ‘book’ has just had a new chapter added. The game against The New Saints was incredible. The first half was dominated by The New Saints who undoubtedly, were a skilled, technically proficient, passing side. The team stuck to their task, and gradually played their way into the game demonstrating their will and tenacity not to be beaten.

The last five or so minutes of the game were among the most enjoyable I’ve had at the club, however I have to say I endured the penalty shoot- out, rather than enjoyed it. It was a testament to the players and to those that brought them to the club, that we progressed against a club with a very high budget, who have competed in Europe this Season.

Matches like those mentioned above contribute to the experience of why we follow football, driving high emotions and enjoyment from the sport we love. I believe the modern term is ‘Scenes’. We will all have our favourites down the years, Away to Stenhousemuir in the early eighties coming back from a 3-0 deficit to win 4-3, anyone? OK, just me then…..

Lastly, I wish Mark Roberts the best of luck in his capacity of caretaker manager, my hope is that the players can get back on track after the disappointment at Stirling.

There were a few others things which happened in September, I can perhaps re-visit those later in the year.

Enjoy the Football