During May 2018 , Queen’s Park were approached by the Department for Digital , Culture, Media and Sport – the UK Government department responsible for organising First World War commemorations. In 2018 they advised that they were marking 100 years since the Battle of Amiens which began on 8 August 1918. On the first day of the Battle , 25 year old George Ramsay , a QP 1st X1 player from 1911/12 had been killed in action. A QP Youth Coach, Alex Urquhart, was filmed in June 2018 on our Hampden campus reflecting on George Ramsay’s life and early death on 8 August 1918. The UK Government Department will be showing this clip and other tales of those who served in 1918 as part of their campaign to raise awareness of those who participated in the summer offensives of 100 years ago. Journalists from BBC Scotland and national newspapers have sought interviews and comments from the Club on the ‘ 9 QP members/players now known to have lost their lives in 1918 ‘ – as set out in Frank McCrossan’s most recent paper of May 2018.

During July and early August 2018, approaches have been made to Queen’s Park by the Heritage Lottery Fund to participate in their #OneCentenary100Stories social media campaign being launched in August 2018 – to showcase how National Lottery funding has helped communities across the UK take part in the First World War Centenary in a variety of ways. Indications are that our video film on the visit be QP youth, senior players,staff and supporters to the ‘Digging In’ project in Pollok Park may supplement stories on the bravery of those 227 QP men now known to have served.

Queen’s Park will be adding display boards on George Ramsay to our Photo Galleries in the J B McAlpine Pavilion in early August 2018 and are glad to report that the production of 5,000 copies of our 2018 Report on ‘QUEEN’S PARK and THE GREAT WAR’ is at an advanced stage for distribution from early September 2018 to 11 November 2018. More information on the 2018 Report will be provided on our club website.