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Player Career Statistics during season 2018-2019

Below is a table showing the total number of games players have either started or come on as a substitute.  Also included is the number of goals each player has scored for Queen’s Park

Updated Sunday 9 December 18

StartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsTotal Appearance
Scott Gibson921022011112113123
Jamie McKernon70172011902892
Gregor Fotheringham4832929575262
Billy Mortimer2015161002625151
Ciaran Summers29421000394243
Ewan MacPherson51826911127338
Gerard McLauchlan1711901261227
Kurtis Roberts15011001250225
Jordan Hart15001000250025
James Grant1400701211022
Gavin Lachlan1161410157122
Scott McLean1210412162218
Smart Osadolor742521126318
Lewis Magee1051110116117
Lewis Hawke1012414142616
Euan East47031178115
Josh Peters612520113214
Adam Martin34043077014
Cammy Foy82010092011
Kieran Moore34022056011
Dom McLaren4104008109
Ali Miller1402203609
Dean Kindlan3003006006
Calvin McGrory0102302406
Brendan Sharpe0300300606