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In early 2015 a Club initiative was approved aiming to provide a more complete picture – by the centenary of the Armistice in November 2018 –of the 226 Queen’s Park members, players and former players known to have enlisted in the Forces. 33 of these men lost their lives.

The Queen’s Park Roll of Honour – with the World War One plaque –is located, currently within an exhibition space in the Scottish Football Museum. Posters, photos and a display case (containing medals lent by the Risk Moodie Young and Grant families)illustrate the scale of the contribution to the war effort. You are encouraged to visit the Scottish Football Museum.

In 2017 Queen’s Park commissioned a short film explaining the initiative; and the progress made by December 2016. CLICK HERE to watch the film .


In April 2017 Frank McCrossan –QP member and historian – submitted an updated account of the ‘226 QUEEN’S PARK MEN WHO SERVED ‘. Click HERE to read this account.

APPENDICES 1 and 2  provide biographical military and footballing backgrounds on ‘96 SURVIVORS’ Click HERE to read APPENDIX 1 on 44 of these men. Click HERE to read Appendix 2 on 52 of these men.

APPENDIX 3 provides data and the backgrounds on 32 of the 33 QUEEN’S PARK MEN WHO DIED DURING THE WAR. Click HERE to read APPENDIX 3.

APPENDIX 4 provides a list of 97 of the QUEEN’S PARK MEMBERS AND PLAYERS WHO SERVED AND SURVIVED ;- BUT ON WHOM WE HAVE LITTLE INFORMATION ON THEIR BIOGRAPHICAL , FOOTBALL AND MILITARY BACKGROUNDS. Queen’s Park seek responses and any information from families friends and community/regimental sources. Click HERE to read APPENDIX 4.

In November 2017 Frank McCrossan submitted accounts of ‘ THE TEN QUEEN’S PARK MEN WHO DIED IN 1917 ‘ Click HERE to read this paper. . A further paper ‘THE NINE QUEEN’S PARK MEN WHO DIED IN 1918’ was produced in May 1918. Click HERE to access the paper.

And ;- ‘REMEMBERING ARTHUR & HERBERT MURRAY’  ;-his paper on 2 Brothers who served in the Great War; and played for both Queen’s Park and Arbroath; (SPFL visitors to Hampden on 11 November 2017). Click HERE to read the paper on the Murray Brothers.


In February 2016 Queen’s Park distributed a leaflet setting out the aims of the Initiative; acknowledging initial responses and submissions; and seeking more information. Click HERE to read the leaflet.

In May 2016 Queen’s Park distributed a 12 A4 page colour pamphlet introducing a few of the battlefront heroes from Queen’s Park who served – including ROBERT CHRISTIE; EDDIE GARVIE; JOHN BARBOUR; JOHN ROBERTS; PETER MOODIE and RALPH RISK – and set out the research work and other activities being progressed from April to December 2016 with the assistance of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Click HERE to read the pamphlet.

A paper on the life of Arthur Geake, who served on the Club Committee from 1880 to 1920, including five spells as Club President, can be viewed HERE.


Between April and July 2016 Fred Ellsworth submitted his three initial papers on ‘QUEEN’S PARK  PLAYERS and MEMBERS at the FRONT LINE focussing on those who were killed in action; wounded or served with distinction at ;-

LOOS in 1915 (including EDDIE GARVIE) . Click HERE to read about QP involvement in this Battle in 1915.

GALLIPOLI and the EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN (including ANDREW McCRAE ). Click HERE to read about QP involvement in these areas.

NORTH OF THE SOMME IN 1916 AND EARLY 1917 (including JOHN BARBOUR). Click HERE to read about QP involvement.

In March 2017 Fred Ellsworth submitted the most recent in his series of papers on ‘QUEEN’S PARK in the FRONT LINE ‘. This paper focuses on the involvement of three QP members (WALTER COULTER; RALPH RISK and DAVID SORLEY) at ARRAS between February and May 1917. Click HERE to read the paper on ‘ARRAS in 1917’.

These papers form the core material for a 108 page narrative account that Fred Ellsworth completed in 2017 – focussing on the 33 QP members players and former players now known to have lost their lives during the Great War 100 years ago – and making reference to over 100 QP men known to have served in the Front Lines. A paper submitted in March 2016 by Fred Ellsworth titled ‘QUEEN’S  PARK RESPONDS to WAR’ provides his updated context statement for his narrative accounts of  those at the front line. Click HERE to read Fred’s March 2016 paper.

Queen’s Park were glad to be awarded a second ‘WW1 -THEN AND NOW’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in April 2017. Part of the grant enabled the club to obtain 130 hardback copies of this excellent 2017 publication on ‘Queen’s Park and the Great War 1914 to 1918’ written by Fred Ellsworth in conjunction with the club’s project. These hardback copies have been gifted by the Club to relatives of those who served ; those who actively assisted the club’s project; and libraries in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire to assist us in raising awareness. Queen’s Park have also obtained 50 paperback copies of the Ellsworth 2017  publication from the initial print runs. For a £5 donation to the club’s youth and community initiatives, members and supporters can obtain a paperback copy from the QP office – from this  supply. Sincere thanks to both Fred Ellsworth and Frank McCrossan for all their work to date.


The club’s Great War initiative was successful in securing  Heritage Lottery Fund Grants from their ‘WW1 -THEN and NOW’ programme. These have enabled photos to be scanned, digitally stored and catalogued within a new Queen’s Park and the Great War section of the ‘QP COLLECTION’ held by the Scottish Football Museum. From these records, funds were also provided by HLF to produce poster and photo displays for the gallery in the upstairs corridor of the J B McAlpine Pavilion. Copies of the initial 12 individual boards and 12 team boards on some of the 100 QP 1st X1 players who served in the Great War can ber accessed by CLICKING HERE.


Queen’s Park’s initiative on ‘QUEEN’S PARK and THE GREAT WAR’ will progress until the centenary of the Armistice in November 2018. A range of new activities and learning materials are being resourced between April 2017 and November 2018 with the assistance of a grant awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Queen’s Park continue to invite general comment as well as information from the families of members and former players who served. Correspondence should be addressed by post to Christine Wright, Secretary QPFC, Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9BA or email