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The Club are grateful for the number of responses to the initial papers provided by Frank McCrossan and Fred Ellsworth on the above project – aiming to provide a more complete picture during July 2017 of the 226 Queen’s Park members, players and former players known to have served; 33 of whom are now known to have made the supreme sacrifice.

The Queen’s Park Roll of Honour – with the World War One plaque – is now located within an exhibition space in the Scottish Football Museum. Posters and a display case (containing Ralph Risk’s Military Cross -with Bar) illustrate the scale of the contribution to the war effort by Queen’s Park members, players and former players. You are encouraged to visit the Roll of Honour and this exhibition in the Scottish Football Museum.

In February 2016 Queen’s Park published a leaflet setting out our aim and progress with the project. The club sought more information from both relatives of those who served and from the wider community.

Click here to read the leaflet.

In May 2016 Queen’s Park published a 12 page pamphlet introducing a number of the battlefront heroes from Queen’s Park who served in the Great War. The pamphlet provides the names of all 223 Queen’s Park members and players then known to have served – identifying, separately, the 32 men who lost their lives.

Click here to read the pamphlet.

3,000 copies of the pamphlet have been printed through a grant award to Queen’s Park from the Heritage Lottery Fund. These printed pamphlets will be distributed during 2016 and will be a useful resource for club and community awareness sessions to be held during October and November,2016.

A QP Member ,Frank McCrossan, wrote a paper in April 2016 that focused on 44 of the Queen’s Park members and players who served in the Great War and survived. A revised paper, with the original appendix updated and a second appendix added, has been prepared , as at October 2016. The two appendices provide information about 96 of the men who survived the conflict, including 10 who received awards for bravery and gallant conduct, 21 who were wounded and 7 who were Scotland internationalist when Queen’s Park players.

Click here to read Frank McCrossan’s October 2016 paper on THE QUEEN’S PARK MEN WHO SERVED AND SURVIVED.

Click here to read appendix 1 providing updated information on 44 of these men; including (16) Fred Mackie (18) R S McColl (21) William McKenna (24) Peter Moodie (25) Arthur Murray (29) Ralph Risk (30) John Roberts (34) Frank Walker (38) James L West (39) Bob Young (42) Robert McFarlane (43) William Stewart (44) William Wiseman

Click here to read appendix 2 providing initial information on 52 of these men; including (47) James Anderson (48) Andrew Baird (49) Colin Buchan (57) Andrew Fyfe (59) Peter Grant (60) David Hamilton (62) George Higgins (89) David Wilson (91) Clyde Skene (92) Leslie Skene

Fred Ellsworth has written in March 2016 a  paper entitled “Queen’s Park Responds To The War” . This replaces the club’s consultation paper of August 2015 on ‘Queen’s Park and the Great War’.

Click here to read “Queen’s Park Respond To The War”.

In responding to the club’s consultation paper on ‘Queen’s Park and the Great War’ Fred Ellsworth (a Queen’s Park member;  former history teacher and occasional battlefield tour guide) offered to write a series of papers focusing on the 32 men who died at;


(includes Eddie Garvie; George Legge; Ebenezer Hamilton;

William Anderson and Robin Adair Ferguson).

Click here to read the paper on The Battle of Loos.


(includes Andrew McCrae; Tom Haydock and John Wilkinson).

Click here to read the paper on Gallipoli and The Eastern Mediterranean.


Those killed in action include John Barbour, Walter Frier, Harry Robertson, James Bryce, Edwin Freeland and John Ormiston.

Those wounded include James Alexander and Thomas Walker; and those awarded Military Medals for bravery and gallant conduct include John Roberts and Fred Mackie.

Click here to read of their involvement at the Somme in 1916.


(Includes James G Wilson; James Alexander; Harry Fletcher;

Macdonald Cameron; John Clarkson and Andrew A Caldwell).

Additional papers written by both Frank McCrossan and Fred Ellsworth continue to be worked on. Military records, biographical data from families and Queen’s Park administrative and playing records are being examined.

Queen’s Park continue to invite general comment as well as information from the families of members and players who served. Correspondence should be addressed by post to Christine Wright, Secretary QPFC, Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9BA or email

Queen’s Park are grateful for the award of a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund under their ‘World War One – Then and Now’ programme to enable the club to progress specific research, archive and awareness activities in the project from April to December, 2016.