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Player Career Statistics

Below is a table showing the total number of games players have either started or come on as a substitute.  Also included is the number of goals each player has scored for Queen’s Park

StartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsTotal Appearance
Sean Burns159331629651883921227
Wullie Muir11100160012700127
Paul Woods1012211725118426122
John Carter34451367140521492
Scott Gibson67811310809189
Bryan Wharton71441202834687
David Galt461959835527882
Conor McVey423106314834182
Ryan McGeever65081511800980
Gavin Mitchell59934106310373
Jamie McKernon55151011652667
Darren Miller40081201520952
Craig McLeish3080711379146
Joe Bradley142106512026146
Adam Cummins31141002411642
Anton Brady2574710328440
Ross Millen2707910361737
Liam Brown151315212015235
Aiden Malone9607411610126
Ewan MacPherson4112361717324
Dario Zanatta2305000230523
Gregor Fotheringham1412710212223
Billy Mortimer36013049013
Andrew Murphy500600110011
Kalvin Orsi28000028010
Dominic Docherty5400005409
Cammy Foy7100007108
Josh Watt2411103518
Aidan McIlduff4300004307
Mark Williams0002102103
Marc Waters0001001001