Blog 46 – The Queen’s Park Committee

Last week letters were sent to members of the Club inviting nominations for election to the vacancies on the Club’s committee to be filled at our Annual General Meeting in Hampden on May 17th.

This is likely to be an incredibly busy year for the committee. The obvious number 1 issue, and the one which has taken up most of our time in the past few months, is, of course, our relationship with the Scottish FA and the future of Hampden as Scotland’s National Stadium. At least one extra full committee meeting per month plus numerous subcommittee meetings, and meetings with representatives from Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government have been held where Hampden has been the only or main agenda item.

However, the danger of all this focus on one topic leaves us at risk of not paying enough attention to other extremely important matters. The major changes to our Youth Development programme because of Project Brave, and the recruitment and retention of players are both major issues, not to mention our current position in League 1. In addition to these we need to consider the ongoing problems of attracting new supporters and members, communications with all our stakeholders, and the continuing need to attract advertisers and sponsors, and to enhance the match-day experience for them and for all those attending our home games. Nor can we neglect our Community Football programmes.

The start of 2018 saw the end of our 150th Anniversary year, but it did not see the end of the Club’s project to identify and provide narrative about those members and players who served and sometimes died in World War 1. We have agreed that the project should officially end on Armistice day this year, but have still to decide how this is to be marked.

So, whichever members are elected to Committee this year are going to be working hard. We live in interesting times!

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