Christmas Shopping – Queen’s Park Souvenir Shop

The Queen’s Park FC Souvenir Shop operates online via the Club’s website and also from inside the stadium on match days from 1.45pm until kick off, and then again at half time.  In December, the only home match now before Christmas is on Saturday 16th December.  Unfortunately, logistics means that all stock is kept in the main stadium; we are a small enterprise and cannot carry stock back and forth after each game from the stadium to the QPFC offices, hence the restrictions on availability.  However, home and away tops are available from the Club offices from 9.15am – 4.45pm, Monday to Friday.

Additionally, there will be a limited selection of stock on sale in the Members’ Bar in the JB McAlpine Pavilion on Saturdays 9th and 16th December from 10.00am – noon.  However, if there is anything you specifically want, please contact us at, letting us know what you want and we will have it available for collection, either at the 10.00 – noon slots on the 9th or 16th, or at the Club offices at the hours above.  The online shop has our full range.  Please give us 5 days’ notice and we’ll let you know by e-mail that your order is available for collection.

As regards online sales, we will have any orders received by 14th December posted off in time for Christmas, but cannot guarantee anything after that date.

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