As part of the agreement re the Commonwealth Games, the Club has been allocated two buses to take fans to home matches for the duration of the period of displacement.  Hopefully two buses will be enough, but we will monitor the situation closely.

Full members and season tickets holders will be transported free.  Members of the Supporters’ Association and Associate Members will be asked to pay £1.00 per return trip, and all others will be asked to pay £2 per return trip.  The charge will offset the cost of additional buses, should they be required.  Please note that alternative arrangement may be in place for cup ties.

These buses will be exclusively for Queen’s Park fans and will leave from, and return to, the new pavilion.  The Social Club will be open before the buses leave and when they return.

We will have to have a measure of control over numbers to ensure that we are not ordering transport for people who do not turn up on the day; there is only so much money that the Club can spend on the exercise and we cannot guarantee seats for everyone who just turns up on the day.  Hopefully everyone will appreciate this.

Although it has not been decided yet, we may ask you to collect or order tickets for these buses.  We will work hard to ensure that this, and the year “away from home” in general, goes as smoothly as possible, although we do anticipate some teething problems and would ask for your patience.

Some members have already suggested that they would be willing to participate in a car pooling arrangement, and we will be making arrangements to centralise this nearer the time.  We have been in discussion with Airdrie FC re car parking and we are pleased to be able to say that there will be no charge for the use of their car park for Queen’s Park home matches.

It should be noted that the £2 concession admission price for games currently in place at Hampden will be extended to home matches during the period of displacement.