Blog 20 – Of kilts, trews, and tartan skirts

On Saturday evening, after our match at Hampden with Alloa Athletic, we will be holding our annual Burns Supper in the J. B. McAlpine Pavilion. This is our first official function of 2017, our sesquicentennial year, and while it is not part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations, I am mentioning it in order to publicise something which we hope will play a central part in the events.

We have been given the opportunity to commission the design of a Queen’s Park tartan. The company involved has offered to create kilts, ladies’ kilts/skirts, trews, ties, and sashes/wraps and to sell them to us at cost price. That means that the kilts would cost £201.60p, ladies’ kilts would cost £114, trews £132, ties £9.54p, and wraps £29.28p (all prices include VAT).

After much deliberation, the committee has settled on a design which is created from four colours: It is mainly black and white (obviously), plus red and yellow, in line with the colours of our original members’ tie. You can see the proposed design on our website.

However in order for the project to go ahead, we need to have pre-orders for a minimum of twenty men’s’ kilts, and so far we have not achieved that number. I know this will appear to be blatant advertising (and it is), but I am very keen that we have some lasting legacies from our Anniversary year, and the creation of a Queen’s Park tartan would be one of these. If you are interested in pre-ordering any of these items (but particularly a kilt), please get in touch with Denise Tonner in the office (0141 632 1275, as soon as possible, but certainly by Sunday 26th February.

And finally
You will have seen on this website that Gregor Fotheringham has played his last game for us for this season. He has gone to Australia to continue his studies into Mechanical Engineering, and will not return until the summer. Gregor has been one of the successes of the season so far, and I would like to add my best wishes to him (along with the hope that we might see him back again next season).

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